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We are often asked: “what is the easiest way for finding and purchasing Italian books and bilingual books in Italian and English?”. 
Well, unless you live close to an Italian or to an international bookstore, your best bet is to go online.

reading books and learning languagesThere are many large and small bookstores on the web and perhaps one of the most popular is Amazon.com. This large online store has a good selection of Italian language books for adults and for children. The advantages of Amazon.com are: competitive prices, great customer service, free shipping for orders of at least US$25 and a very easy shopping experience. Many books can be searched inside and, best of all, you can read reviews from other customers. Why Amazon instead of a smaller, less known online bookstore? Mainly because of better selection, lower prices and many different shipping options, including international shipping.

Sometimes, while browsing Amazon.com categories, people find it hard to find the books they are looking for. With so many different options, it can get confusing. A shortcut for searching Italian books on Amazon is to browse the list of Italian books for adults in the international section, or to search the Italian section for children.


Now, if you don’t live in the United States, then shipping costs from US based websites might be a little too high. In this case, unless you have found a good online bookstore based in your own country, a very good option is to shop at The Book Depository.com.

The books sold at this online store don’t always come with a description and often don’t have reviews from other customers. Of course, you can easily bypass this problem by finding book descriptions and reviews elsewhere on the web. On the other hand, The Book Depository’s prices are extremely competitive (sometimes half of what you would have paid in a European or Australian online store) and  you can pay in 5 different currencies (US dollar, Australian dollar, UK pound, Canadian dollar and Euro). Payments can be made with several different credit cards and also with PayPal.

Finding books at  The book Depository is not as straightforward as it is at Amazon.com. One way you can start your book search at The Book Depository is by first using the category list on the left side bar and then refining your search with a keyword (or the other way around).

For example, when we look for Italian books for children we first type “Italian” in the “search for books” box. Then we click on “Children’s books” on the left side bar to get a display of all the results within that category. This way we get a list of all Children’s books that are in Italian or that are about an Italian subject.

By changing the currency using the box on the top right corner of the page we can see book prices in our chosen currency.

To verify that the Book Depository will ship to your country, you can check the list of countries they ship to, in the Help menu, under “Common Questions”.

Best of all, and almost hard to believe, is that The Book Depository has free shipping worldwide. It is quite hard to find a better deal than that!

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