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New York Italian Expats (e Amanti della Lingua Italiana)

Il gruppo e’ composto da italiani all’estero e da amanti della lingua italiana che vogliono portare un po’ d’Italia a New York . Ci si ritrova tutte le settimane in un bar per un aperitivo e per conversare. Inoltre, organizziamo circa due eventi culturali e/o culinari al mese.



NYC Italian Language Meetup Group

NYC Italian Language Meetup Group is a community, where you can share stories and anectdotes, it’s a networking group, where you may find friends, future coworkers, or just other positive and respectful people. It’s a family, for those of us whose family is not close, it’s a gateway to Italy, to all that’s Italian and even to resources for your next Vacation to Italy.

The group meets at bars, restaurants, friend’s houses, parks, movie theatres, etc.



New York Italian Speakers 40 and Over

Are you an Italian Speakler in the 40+ age group and looking for a venue to practice your Italian? Then we may be the group your looking for.
Our emphasis is on practicing and refining the Italian you know. Required basic conversational Italian.



Club Tutti NYC

Club Tutti is for anyone who enjoys Italy, the culture, art and the language.
If you live in NYC or if you are visting, this is a great opportunity to speak Italian and meet others with the same interest that you have in Italy.



New York City Italian Language, Food, & Culture Club

We meet a minimum of once a month to speak Italian and share our love of Italian language, food and culture. Our main focus is to practice speaking the Italian language, and our other goals are to enjoy anything else related to Italy. It’s a very friendly and relaxed group and we usually meet in a bar or restaurant. Other events in a given month may include wine tastings, musical events, lectures, food tastings, etc. While you don’t need to know Italian to join the group, we do encourage you to have at least a basic level of Italian vocabulary and grammar, or to sign up for lessons, so you can practice your language skills with us.



Italian Events in NYC

Mingle with other members of the Italian Events group. Have fun while meeting native Italians or those who simply love the Italian language, culture, and traditions and would like to share this connection. There will be a lot of italian speaking! So sharpen up your vocabulary!


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