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Italian Stories bilingual bookYou may be familiar with the New York Times best seller Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, or with the movie that was made after the success of the book.  

The first part of the trip described in the book, takes place in Rome, Italy and makes readers dream of gelato, pasta and fine wine. It is clearly a very enjoyable read.  

For a much younger audience, Long Bridge Publishing recently presented a new title in its bilingual collection with text in Italian and English: “Storie Italiane – Italian Stories”

The book wants to help young readers read, think, and dream Italian with five entertaining stories that take place in five different Italian cities. The children and the adults who read with them will discover or rediscover popular sites like the Trevi fountain in Rome and the enchanting canals of Venice.  

Little ones will absorb lots of new words and will be transported to fascinating places. A location map at the end of the book will help young readers locate the places mentioned in the stories and, who knows, maybe it will also foster a new interest in travel, geography, and all things Italian.  

Every story is written in Italian and fully translated into English for easy comprehension. The suggested reading age is 5 years or more.  

So, if you are looking for a book for your next Italian language class, or one to read to your child at bedtime, this is worth checking out.  

Learn more at http://longbridgepublishing.com/Ages4to7.aspx

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