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There are many Italian Clubs in New York, where you will meet people interested in learning and practicing the Italian language. These clubs are also great places for meeting like minded people who share a common interest andĀ for making many new friends.

The following is a partial list of Clubs that operate in the city of New York and surrounding areas.

You can also find many other clubs listed here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/


New York Italians is a social network of Italians, Italian Americans and Italophiles residing in the New York City area promoting Italian Culture, Heritage, Events, Language and Food.

We are a friendly and enthusiastic group of people who share a love for the Italian language, its culture and its people meeting once a month in a classy location in Manhattan practicing Italian, sipping authentic Italian wine, making new friends and tasting delicious Italian food.

If you love Italy, you’ll love learning about its language. If you come from an Italian family, you’ll discover more about your heritage. If you’re studying Italian, you’ll find a new perspective that takes you beyond vocabulary and grammar. If you’re traveling to Italy, you’ll appreciate more about the people you meet and the places you visit.


Aperitivo Italian Language Club


Dining in Italy (NYC Italian dining experience!)


Italian Heritage Connect


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