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This is a relaxed and friendly group always open to new members and suggestions for things to do. At the moment the group meets during the second week of the month, at 7pm at a pub in central London — have a few drinks and maybe a bite to eat and the last Saturday of the month. The standard is quite high but all are welcome to come along and see if they enjoy it. All the members ask is that people at least try to speak in Italian some of the time! 

This group also organises events such as picnics, theatre nights, cinema nights and big Italy football matches. Visit the club’s page at: http://www.meetup.com/italian-35/ lo learn more about the group’s events and activities.

The meetups are fun, very sociable and everyone is welcome as long as they speak a little Italian.  You’ll be amazed at how much progress you make in conversation after just a few events.  People are there mostly because they want to improve/brush-up/learn Italian.  Beginners need not “fear” any member that speaks Italian very well because they will be patient with newcomers. But with about 40-60 people coming to the monthly events, it is easy to wander around and find people of your level with whom you feel really comfortable speaking italian.

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