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If you are looking for Italian conversation clubs in North Carolina, take a look at the ones described below and also at the other clubs listed here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

Catawba Italian Language & Culture in Hickory

A group to discuss Italian culture and language as well as to have a place to practice and maintain Italian language skills.


Caffè Italia in Chapel Hill
Non dovete parlare italiano per unirvi al nostro gruppo, ma se sapete parlare la lingua, perfetto! You don’t have to speak Italian to join our group but if you do great!

Our purpose is to enjoy various aspects of Italian culture such as music, film, food, discussion, cooking and going to different Italian restaurants in the area. We have meetings several times a month. At least once a month we will meet at a different Italian restaurant or pizzeria.

While this is not exclusively an Italian-speaking group there are many members who do speak the language fluently and like to practice the language when they can. However if you are a novice or don’t speak any Italian at all you are still welcome to join this club.


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