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While this group is principally located in Salt Lake City, Utah, anyone, anywhere is more than welcome to be part of it.

The main mission of the group is to foster an environment where those of Italian descent or just interested in all things Italian, can meetup and learn more about their ancestry, Italian culture, food, language, travel, etc.

Secondary to this is the goal of creating a new lodge of The Order Sons of Italy in America here in Utah. OSIA is the largest and oldest Italian-American organization in the country. OSIA is an amazing organization that does many things, from charity to Italian language courses, cooking classes to going on trips to Italy. Our hope is that we can create a very tight-knit group in Utah of those who are proud of their Italian heritage and/or just want to be involved with all things Italian – creating our own little Italy here in Utah.


To find more Italian Clubs in Salt Lake City and elsewhere, take a look at this page: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

3 Responses to “Italian American Club in Salt Lake City, Utah”

  1. Angelo Giardinelli says:

    Buongiorno, My name is Angelo, some of you may know me well. I used to have a restaurant in South State St called Nonna Lucia. I now have an authentic folk Italian group that plays classic Italian and ancient ballads from south Italy. We play every Friday and Saturday at Cucina Vanina(Fort Union BLVD) but we would like to expand our show to other public. The music is authentic and professional; I was a professional musician for many years. The performers of the group are Sarah, my wife, she plays violin and Allen, my son, who plays upright bass and guitar. Occasionally, if the show requires, we can add a percussionist and a mandolin players. We’ll be glad to participate in some manifestation from your club and since there is so little authentic Italian here in SLC and we are, as far as I know, the only Italian musician here I hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank and all the best, Angelo
    PS the music group is called “Roman Nights”

  2. Administrator says:

    Ciao Angelo,
    your musical group sounds like a lot of fun and I am sure many people would love to listen to it.
    I would suggest to contact the group directly, since this page is just a post for the group and I cannot guarantee that they will read the comments.
    You can go to this page:
    and see if you can contact the group members.
    Or you can join their Facebook group and post your message there:
    The meetup group has 120 Italian members and the facebook group has 47 members, so I am sure you will be able to find a great audience.
    Buona fortuna!

  3. Arlene Krieger says:

    Tony Sacca, world famous performer, singer and tv personality is coming to Salt Lake on January 17, 2015 and he would like to have an event with your group. He will be at Barnes & Noble in the afternoon signing his book, Tony Sacca Las Vegas Ambassador of Entertainment. Tony puts on a fantastic show and has been embraced by numerous IAC across the country. We look forward to your reply. Arlene Krieger 702-232-9791

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