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There is a group called Italiani all’Estero in new York. It is a meetup group for anyone who enjoys Italy, the culture, art and the language. The group offers a great opportunity to speak Italian and to meet others with an interest  in Italy. Members love to travel to Italy. When they aren’t traveling they get together to speak Italian.

This Meetup group is for people who speak some Italian already and would like to maintain/improve it by meeting others with varying skill levels. There are approximately 500 members of this group, although few can make it to each meeting, so gatherings are usually quite intimate. most of the group’s members are Italian expatriates and advanced Italian language speakers looking for an opportunity to speak this beautiful language and visit Italy.

Learn more about this Meetup Group here: http://www.meetup.com/italianiallestero-TV/

Find more groups in the New York area here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

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