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italian festivalThis weekend many Italian communities around the world will be celebrating San Gennaro (Saint Januarius), and this will give anyone an opportunity to enjoy a festive event, eat Italian food and try to practice some Italian with other festival participants.

But who was San Gennaro?

He was a martyr saint and Bishop of Naples during the 3rd century AD and now he is the patron saint of the Italian city of Naples.
In the calendar of the Catholic Church, Saint Januarius’ feast day is celebrated on September 19.

Where are the Festivals?

The  longest-running and biggest religious outdoor festival in the United States is, of course, the Feast of San Gennaro, in New York City: http://www.sangennaro.org/

Many other cities and local Italian communities celebrate San Gennaro. Perform an internet search using the words “san gennaro celebrations” and see if you can find one near you.

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