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Sicilian PupiThe translation of the word “child” In Italian is “bambino”. Often, people will use a different word: “pupo”. It is a more affectionate way of calling a child, perhaps a younger one, like a toddler.

This is different from a baby that in Italian is called with the French word “bebe’ ” and also with the less used word “infante”. Newborn is “neonato” while an older child like a pre-teen is called “ragazzino”.

Confusing? Let’s summarize:


  • Newborn = il neonato, la neonata
  • Infant =  il bebe’ , l’infante
  • Young child = il pupo (term of endearment)
  • Child = il bambino, la bambina
  • Pre-teen = il ragazzino, la ragazzina


And some more…

  • Teenager = il ragazzetto, la ragazzetta
  • Young adult = Il ragazzo, la ragazza


And now a bit of history and culture…

The word “Pupo” indicates a traditional Sicilian puppet that dates back from the medieval times.

You can learn more about Pupi and practice your Italian by visiting the museum of the Sicilian “Pupi”.

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