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Living in ItalyHave you ever felt that you would like to find a place where you can live life to the full? The good news is that such a place exists. It is called Italy.
If you take the time to learn the language and discover all of its charms and mysteries then you will find somewhere you can enjoy life like never before. The following are some of the main reasons why this is the case.

The Language is Fun and Expressive

You might think that the language you speak doesn’t affect your life that much. This opinion will change when you start to learn Italian. It is such a fun and expressive language that speaking it can subtly change your outlook on life in a positive way. In fact, learning any new tongue will change your way of thinking, as it makes you open up your mind and view the world in a different way. When it comes to Italian, it is hard to resist the sing-song melodies but this hides a more serious benefit. The fact that it is such a beautiful and expressive language used by expressive people means that you could find that you open up more when speaking it. This could help you get more out of your life and relationships by showing your feelings more as well as having more fun with the language.

The People are Open and Friendly

Once you learn any new language the next step is to go and use it by talking to the locals. In the case of Italy, you will find that most people are open and friendly. This will make a big difference to the time you spend there. By being able to communicate with the locals you will find that you get to learn more about the country and make new friends. Having lunch with a local family or just chatting with people you meet in a piazza can be hugely rewarding aspects to a trip to Italy. If you make the effort to get to know some Italians and chat to them you will be richly rewarded.

The Food is a Big Part of Life

If there is one aspect of the Italian way of life which most people are aware of it is the importance of food. This is especially true in the countryside and smaller towns, where meal time is ideal for gathering the family together and talking while enjoying the food. You should try and adapt your routine to give food the importance it deserves in your daily life as well. If you are lucky enough to travel down to Sardinia then you might even discover why the diet there helps people live so long. There is a higher percentage of people of over 100 here than anywhere else on the planet. The lifestyle and the close knit family units are said to be part of the reason but the healthy, nutritious diet is also a big factor.

The Culture is Outstanding

There are few places where you will find such a rich culture as in Italy. Wherever you go in the country you will find art, music, literature and architecture which inspires and moves you. Any visitor here can enjoy a cultural experience without knowing a word of the language. Simply looking at some of the art treasures in Florence, Rome or Venice is enough for many tourists. However, if you take the time to learn some of the language you can listen to an opera or read Italian newspapers and books in the tongue. To get started with something a bit less highbrow you could maybe take part in a quick trivia quiz (www.listenandlearnusa.com/true-or-false-facts/italian.php ), which tests your knowledge of Italy. You might not feel ready to tackle The Divine Comedy when you first get there but you will certainly feel as though you are getting a taste of the country’s unique and outstanding culture while enjoying life.

About the author: Robert is a UK writer on http://www.listenandlearn.org who discovered that a trip to Italy to learn the language was a wonderful experience of living life to the full.

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