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Carnival in Venice ItalyDid you know that in Italy some days can be fat? In fact Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday have this privilege!
But this happens only during Carnival, that time of the year when anything goes.

Carnival officially starts in January and lasts till the end of February, but it varies every year, since this celebration follows the Catholic calendar. Basically Carnival is that time of the year before the sober days that precede Easter. Food and fun before the 40 days of prayers and moderation that are part of Lent.

Now, why just Fat Tuesday, Fat Thursday and Fat Saturday? Well, that is the tradition.

In most places the last day of Carnival is Fat Tuesday. In some areas of Italy, where people follow a different religious calendar, the last day of Carnival is Fat Saturday. Fat Thursday is usually the beginning of the peak time of the celebrations, that culminate and end either on Tuesday or on the following Saturday.

Now you know! And now it is time to say it in Italian:

Fat Tuesday: Martedì Grasso

Fat Thursday: Giovedì grasso

Fat Saturday: Sabato grasso

Now go and spread the cheer! It is Carnival time!

To learn more about Carnival, visit Wikipedia or take a look at our page about Carnival.

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