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Language learning stylesIt is important to know how each student learns in order to make the teaching effective.

Answering the following five questions can help determine a student’s learning style:


  1. What type of information does the student takes in best?
  2. Through which modality is sensory information most effectively perceived?
  3. How does the student prefer to process information?
  4. How does the student progress toward understanding?
  5. With which organization of information is the student most comfortable?
  • sensory : sights, sounds, physical sensations, or
  • intuitive: memories, ideas, insights?
  • visual: pictures, diagrams, graphs, demonstrations, or
  • verbal: written and spoken words and formulas?
  • actively: through engagement in physical activity or discussion, or
  • reflectively: through introspection?
  • sequentially: in a logical progression of small incremental steps, or
  • globally: in large jumps?
  • inductive: facts and observations are given, underlying principles are inferred, or
  • deductive: principles are given, consequences and applications are deduced?


When students are subjected over extended periods of time to teaching styles inconsistent with their learning style preferences, they may experience stress, frustration, and burnout.


The solution: Matching teaching styles to learning styles to significantly enhance academic achievement, student attitudes, and student behavior.


[Extract from the free ebook “Foreign And Second Language Teaching Methods, Learning Styles And Sample Activities]

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