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Stop studying without stopping learning

Most of us do not enjoy reading grammar books, memorize new vocabulary using flashcards, and sit down and do language tests.

Rejoice: there is relief in sight.

Next time you feel you can’t spend another minute repeating foreign words and reading verb conjugations, turn your internet browser on, and start surfing!

This is how it works:

– first think of something you really enjoy doing
– second type a word that describes that activity
– use a dictionary or translating tool to get the equivalent word in the language you are learning
– search the web for that word and the word “video”
– look at the search results and watch the video in the foreign language.

Here is an example for those of you learning Italian:

– I enjoy cooking so I think I should search for the words “pasta sauce”
– I look for the words “pasta sauce” in Italian and find this translation: “sugo pasta”
– I type “sugo pasta video” in the search box of my internet browser and click “search”
– I look at the results: some are links to webpages, some are images and some are videos. I select the first video and watch.

Hopefully the video will be informative or fun and you will be not only learning something new that you enjoy doing, but you will be improving your foreign language comprehension. Two in one!

Let us know if this worked for you and what other tricks you use to keep your language learning fresh and fun.

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