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Many parents are eager to teach their children a second language, but pretty soon they feel overwhelmed by worries and concerns. Some common ones are:

Will my bilingual child be a little slower learning to speak?

Normally a child’s speech is not delayed because he is bilingual. Bilingual children learn at different speed, so some will be early and some will be late speakers. If you detect a serious speech delay, talk to your doctor, but do not assume it is due to bilingualism.

Will my child learn my incorrect accent if I teach him a language that is not my mother tongue?

Some parents speak only their mother tongues to their children, in order to foster a native accent. Other parents speak to their children in a language other than their mother tongue. It is really up to the parent to decide. Parents should do what feels comfortable and what they think they can keep up year after year.

Many children successfully learn a second language from parents who are not native speakers. Later in life those children will meet more people who speak that second language. They will attend classes in that language and they will visit the country where that language is spoken. Therefore the child’s accent will adapt and will change. In any case, most parents will probably agree that a second language spoken with an accent is better than not knowing a second language at all!

These are just a couple of valid concerns that most parents of bilingual children have. The advice given above is the opinion shared by many experts. If you have serious concerns, of course the best advice is to talk to your child’s pediatrician.

Club Tutti Melbourne is all about Italian culture, language and food.

The club members meet at least once a month to speak in Italian while they enjoy a pizza or coffee and share their stories, experiences and advice.

Everybody is welcome. All you need is an interest in Italy.

There is no need to speak or understand the Italian language – it will happen anyway when you come to the pizza and conversation nights and listen to the discussions.  Many club members are excellent Italian speakers.

If you are looking for information on travel to Italy, or if you are just interested in hearing people speak Italian, or if you just like Italian food and wine, this club is for you.

Visit the club at: http://www.meetup.com/ClubTuttiMelbourne/

You can also find more Italian clubs in Australia here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-australia/

Next time you go shopping at the grocery store, bring the kids with you and ask them to read labels and make a list of all the countries food items come from. This activity can be both fun and educational if you bring to the store more than one child and turn this into a game. Since many grocery items come from different countries, the children will feel as if they are participating in some sort of treasure hunt. You can bring a photocopy of a world map with you and have the children mark each nation on it as soon as they find an item that comes from that place. Grocery shopping will never be the same!

Amici Italiani di South Beach

Questo meetup e’ per tutti gli amanti della lingua e cultura Italiana che desiderano fare nuove amicizie a South Beach e condividere la loro passione per l’Italia. E’ anche un’opportunita’ per gli Italiani d’incontrarsi e scambiare esperience sulla vita qui a Miami. A presto!

This meetup is for all Italian language and culture lovers who wish to make new friends in South Beach and share their passion for Italy. It is also an opportunity for Italians to meet and exchange their experiences on life here in Miami. See you soon!

Find out more about this club here: http://www.meetup.com/Amici-Italiani-di-South-Beach/

Find many more Italian clubs in Florida listed here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

Nottingham Italian Language Conversation Group

Come meet up with local Italian language learners and speakers and make new amici. Our group meets regularly for meals, walks, coffees, cinema trips as well as a monthly pub meet to chat in Italian. All ages and levels welcome.


Leamington Spa Italian Speakers

This is a great opportunity to meet other italian speakers in the Leamington area!

A meetup for those wanting to practise their italian and for native Italian speakers alike.

People who are interested in Italian language and culture and incontrare altri.

We run a variety of meetups e.g. Italian conversation in the evening in a central Leamington pub, or maybe a chat in italian over a coffeee at the weekend.

We also keep an eye on local events / cinema listings for Italian films and maybe testing out some of the local Italian restaurants.

All ideas welcome


The Berkshire Italian Group

This is a brand new group with the aim of bringing Italians and Italian speakers interested in language and culture together and meet regularly. Whether you just want to meet people who speak Italian or want to exchange the stories about your travels to Italy or talk about culture or history or just chat you should get ample opportunity.


You can also find more Italian Clubs listed here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-the-united-kingdom/

If you speak Italian, live on the West side and would like to find a place practice and find new friends, you can join the Portland West Side Italian Conversation.

There will also be events like Night of Italian culture where you don’t need to be able to speak Italian: these will be wine dinners, Italian wine tasting, cooking classes, shows etc.

If you join, you will have a good time with some good conversation, wine and food and lots of Italian language.

You can find other Italian clubs listed here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

Virginia Beach Amanti della Lingua Italiana

Il gruppo è composto da italiani all’estero e da amanti della lingua italiana che vogliono portare un po’ d’Italia a Virginia Beach.

Gli incontri si svolgono tutte le settimane in un bar per bere un aperitivo e per conversare.

Inoltre, vengono organizzati circa due eventi culturali e/o culinari il mese.

Per saperne di piu’: http://www.meetup.com/VA-Beach-Italian-Expats-e-Amanti-della-Lingua-Italiana/

Here is the description of some Italian clubs in California (but you can also find many more clubs listed here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/)

Gruppo Italiano Placer County in Roseville, CA

This is a Gruppo Italiano in Placer County for residents of Roseville, Rocklyn, Auburn and vicinity.

We meet once or twice a month over coffee to discuss the Italian culture, people, anything relating to Italy, preferably while practicing the Italian Language.  Even if you don’t speak Italian at all, it will be fun.

You can learn more here: http://www.meetup.com/Placercountygruppoitaliano/

Gruppo Italiano Language Meetup Group in Rocklin, CA

Meet and mingle with local Italian language and culture lovers! Come to an Italian Language Meetup and make new amici as you practice speaking, build your vocabulary and finally figure out those verb conjugations! All ages and levels welcome.

La Vita Bella all’Italiano in Riverside, CA 

This is a great group of Italian language learners and Italian culture lovers. Meetups will include Game Nights, dinners, music and cultural events, Laser Tag, and more! No Italian language experience necessary.


Embracing the WorldLet your children watch cartoons or popular children’s movies in a foreign language.

Some public libraries have foreign language DVDs and some DVD rental stores might carry DVDs that come with the option of listening to the content in one or more languages other than English.

Many cartoons in several different languages can be found by browsing the website YouTube.

Many foreign tv channels broadcast children’s programs online for free. Children will enjoy watching them and, at the same time, they will perfect their language skills without even knowing it!

Photo by by woodleywonderworks.

Downriver Italian-American Club

The Downriver Italian-American Club has proudly shared our ethnic culture, traditions, dances, food, and wines with Italian-Americans and the public in the local Detroit Area for nearly 45 years. Over 500 members have enjoyed the experience and joined us is our celebrations and festivities. Many events our held in our Downriver Italian-American Club Hall which can host up to 400 people in our main hall, and 100 people in the Menna Hall.

Find out more at: http://downriveritalianamericanclub.com/


Michigan Italian Conversation in Madison Heights

This group is designed for people interested in practicing Italian. 

You will find more info by visiting the club’s website: http://www.meetup.com/Michigan-Italian-Conversation/

Italian-American Club of Lansing

The Italian-American Club of Lansing was founded in 1935, by group of Italians who were very grateful to their adopted country for the opportunities given them and fiercely proud of their heritage.
Visit the club’s website at: http://lansingiac.org/

You can also find many other italian clubs listed here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

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