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Cultural House of Language Italian Meetup in Nyack, NY

This is an italian group in Westchester County. Lead by a native speaker and teacher, the club welcomes beginners, intermediate, or advanced speakers. Those who are interested in the vast culture of Italy are also welcome.

Come speak, learn, and practice the beautiful italian language with others who share the same interest. This group will give you the opportunity to explore Italy’s art culture gastronomy, traditions and breathtaking landscapes.


White Plains Italian Language and Italia-philes Group

this is a group for all Italia-philes interested in practicing their language skills, discussing travel in Italy, and meeting new people in order to discuss or possibly share in all things Italian, in a casual setting.


The Italian Language Meetup in Rochester

This meetup group is for all those interested in the Italian language and culture.

It is mainly geared to individuals interested in practicing Italian (but you are not expected to be fluent).



You can also find more Italian clubs in the state of New York, listed here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

Guest post by Rebecca Bernard Aguiar

Traveling abroad for authentic cultural experiences can sometimes be a challenge. However, there are still fun ways to practice your Italian language skills right in your own backyard. When it comes to living “la vita bella,” Los Angeles is full of Italian adventures just waiting to be had. This diverse city has many great museums, restaurants and entertainment options, which makes having memorable multicultural experiences easy to come by.

Here are 3 easy ways to have an Italian experience in L.A:

  • Food: The good life always starts and ends with food and LA has no shortage of exceptional authentic Italian restaurants. Practice you Italian while ordering a fabulous dish at one of Zagat’s Top 5 Italian Restaurants in L.A.
  • Art: Some of the greatest art masters came from Italy. Their work has been immortalized in museums all over the world, including The Getty Villa in Los Angeles. The museum was originally designed to model the Villa dei Papyri in the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum. Swing by for a peak at their collection of 44,000 Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities dating from 6,500 BC to 400 AD.
  • Sightseeing: Venice Beach, California is a notorious beach town characterized by a network of canals that were modeled after its namesake in Italy. Practice your seaside resort vocabulary as you take a stroll down the beach boardwalk, work out at muscle beach, or take a dip in the ocean in this Italian inspired town.


For more, visit the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles for information on other fun local Italian events. The institute regularly holds film screenings, wine tastings and family friendly events at various venues around town.

Rebecca Bernard Aguiar is the Chief Cultivator of The Cultured Seed, a community of parents growing globally minded children through cultural enrichment. She speaks Italian, Spanish and French and is raising two bilingual kids in Los Angeles. More on Rebecca at www.theculturedseed.com.

If you are Italian, speak some Italian, never spoke any but would love to, the Vancouver Italian Meetup is for you!

Join the club for some informal talks and drinks around Vancouver. Members speak mostly Italian at the meetups so be prepared for a lot of listening practice if you’re a beginner! However, if you are a beginner, be aware that this group is not a teaching class. It can only be considered as an enhancement to a class you’re already taking.

This group meets at least twice a month in Vancouver.

To learn more, visit the group’s website at: http://www.meetup.com/vancouver-italian-meetup/

You can find more Italian clubs in Canada here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-canada/

There is a group called Italiani all’Estero in new York. It is a meetup group for anyone who enjoys Italy, the culture, art and the language. The group offers a great opportunity to speak Italian and to meet others with an interest  in Italy. Members love to travel to Italy. When they aren’t traveling they get together to speak Italian.

This Meetup group is for people who speak some Italian already and would like to maintain/improve it by meeting others with varying skill levels. There are approximately 500 members of this group, although few can make it to each meeting, so gatherings are usually quite intimate. most of the group’s members are Italian expatriates and advanced Italian language speakers looking for an opportunity to speak this beautiful language and visit Italy.

Learn more about this Meetup Group here: http://www.meetup.com/italianiallestero-TV/

Find more groups in the New York area here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

The Phoenix Italian Language Meetup Group

If you are learning Italian and would like to practice it and improve your language skills, join the The Phoenix Italian Language Meetup Group.

Meet and mingle with local Italian language and culture lovers! Come to an Italian Language Meetup and make new amici as you practice speaking, build your vocabulary and finally figure out those verb conjugations! All ages and levels welcome.


The Italian language friends-Gli amici della lingua italiana in Phoenix

If you want to meet people who, like you, love Italy, its culture, its language, and its food, join us for some fun time together!

Come have dinner with us, practice a little Italian, learn something new, and then stay for a movie, or some games! All levels welcome.



To find more Italian Clubs in Arizona and elsewhere, take a look at this page: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

Italian language lovers and students in New Jersey can meet in Caldwell with members of the La Piazzetta Italian Group.

You do not have to speak Italian to participate, but if you do, you’ll find others who can practice “la bella lingua” with you.



Siete appassionati della lingua e cultura italiana? Venite ad incontrare altre persone che condividono la vostra passione!

Trova maggiori informazioni qui: http://www.meetup.com/LaPiazzetta/


To find more Italian Clubs in New Jersey and elsewhere, take a look at this page: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

While this group is principally located in Salt Lake City, Utah, anyone, anywhere is more than welcome to be part of it.

The main mission of the group is to foster an environment where those of Italian descent or just interested in all things Italian, can meetup and learn more about their ancestry, Italian culture, food, language, travel, etc.

Secondary to this is the goal of creating a new lodge of The Order Sons of Italy in America here in Utah. OSIA is the largest and oldest Italian-American organization in the country. OSIA is an amazing organization that does many things, from charity to Italian language courses, cooking classes to going on trips to Italy. Our hope is that we can create a very tight-knit group in Utah of those who are proud of their Italian heritage and/or just want to be involved with all things Italian – creating our own little Italy here in Utah.


To find more Italian Clubs in Salt Lake City and elsewhere, take a look at this page: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

Italy Lovers Group of Austin

This group is for anyone who wants to have fun Italian style. You do not have to be Italian to join this group. You just have to have a love for the Italian way of life.


The Fort Worth Italian Language Meetup Group

Are you interested in one of the world’s most historically significant, dynamic, distincitve and fun cultures, ever? Do you want to improve your ability to speak one of the most beautiful languages, ever? Interested in traveling to one of the coolest cultures and hottest global destination spots, ever?

Then come and schmooze with like-minded Italophiles. All ages and levels welcome.


To find more Italian Clubs in Texas and elsewhere, take a look at this page: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

The Charleston Italian Language Meetup

This group consists of people from different skill levels — from beginner to native Italian speakers.

It is designed to spark your interest in speaking Italian, learning about Italian culture and fun activities to make Italian easy to learn.


Italian Culture and Travel Meetup Group in Atlanta

This group is dedicated to learning about Italian culture and travel. Members discuss in a fun and interactive way, Italian cuisine, Italian history, Italian art, and the art of living Italian style! Members also share their Italian travel experiences and receive discounts for Italy travel just for being a part of this exciting group.

If you love Italy, have some great stories to share, want to learn more about the 3,000 years of Italian civilization, or just want to travel to Italy, this is the group for you!


You can also find many more clubs listed here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

If you are looking for Italian conversation clubs in North Carolina, take a look at the ones described below and also at the other clubs listed here: http://ireaditalian.com/blog/clubs/clubs-in-usa/

Catawba Italian Language & Culture in Hickory

A group to discuss Italian culture and language as well as to have a place to practice and maintain Italian language skills.


Caffè Italia in Chapel Hill
Non dovete parlare italiano per unirvi al nostro gruppo, ma se sapete parlare la lingua, perfetto! You don’t have to speak Italian to join our group but if you do great!

Our purpose is to enjoy various aspects of Italian culture such as music, film, food, discussion, cooking and going to different Italian restaurants in the area. We have meetings several times a month. At least once a month we will meet at a different Italian restaurant or pizzeria.

While this is not exclusively an Italian-speaking group there are many members who do speak the language fluently and like to practice the language when they can. However if you are a novice or don’t speak any Italian at all you are still welcome to join this club.


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