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This page contains a directory of Italian playgroups for children aged 0 to 13.

Right now we are collecting listings of groups in English speaking countries, but we welcome suggestions for any other country.

Suggest your favorite playgroup using the Reply box at the bottom of the page.

To view the directory of playgroups for a specific location, please select one of the countries listed below:

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  1. salvatore Girgenti says:

    L’officina di studi medievali di Trapani, sezione staccata dell’Officina di Palermo, gradirebbe conoscere il vostro indirizzo email per inviarvi notizie sulle nostre attivit√† culturali. Cordiali saluti, prof. Salvatore Girgenti

  2. Administrator says:

    Il nostro indirizzo di email e’ il seguente: info@ireaditalian.com

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