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Italian language students, Italian language teachers, families and
individuals who wish to raise their children
bilingual in English and
will find a variety of language resources and tools:

Students and teachers of the Italian language will also find an ever
growing list of:

in the Info-Blog section.

The Italian language schools, clubs and playgroups currently listed in the
Blog are located in the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa. More
countries coming soon!

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Marco Polo Vuole Viaggiare
Marco Polo Wants to Travel

bilingual book

Introduce children to the Italian
language with a dual text book:
you will find a story that is easy to
understand,  illustrations on every
page, and Italian and English text
 for instant comprehension.

Learning can be fun!

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map of Italy
italian painting
Colosseum in Rome
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Filastrocche Italiane
Italian Nursery Rhymes

Available at
and as a  eBook

On sale now and free
shipping to Australia!
Filastrocche Italiane - Italian Nursery Rhymes

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a list of Italian dictionaries

Italian children's books

dual-text (dual-language) books for students and teachers
of the Italian language

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a free game to make learning Italian fun

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links to all major Italian search engines to help you find
language tools made in Italy

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answers to many common questions about bilingualism

advice and tips on how to make learning a foreign
language fun and effective

many unique Italian themed gift ideas
Marco Polo - Bilingual picture book in Italian and English

New! "Maria Montessori"

Bilingual picture book
in Italian
with English translation

Cantanti e Canzoni Italiane
Italian Singers and Songs

A new reader in Italian
with activities and solutions
Intermediate/advanced level
Available at
Italian map poster
Hotel in Rome